Saturday, August 8, 2015

Krewe de Louisianne Playlist A-Z show - August 08, 2015

Neil Diamond - "New Orleans"

Lynn August & The Hot August Knights - "Bruler le chemin-de-fer a soir"
Johnny Adams - "Georgia Morning Dew"
BeauSoleil - "La Ville Des Manteau"
Rod Bernard - "Teach Me To Forget"
C.J. Chenier - "Harmonica Zydeco"

Wilbur de Paris - "Under The Double Eagle"
Dr. John - "Fess Up"
Snooks Eaglin - "Bottle Up And Go"
Fabulous Fantoms - "Rip Off"
Paul Gayten - "Nervous Boogie"

Clarence Hollimon - "Gristle"
Iguanas - "Sugar Cane"
Johnny J. & The Hitmen - "I Just Don't Care"
Ernest Kador - "No Money"

Intermission = Buckwheat Zydeco - "Time Is Tight"

Lil' Rascals Brass Band - "Buck It Like A Horse"
Sidney Maiden - "Blues An Trouble"
New Orleans Moonshiners - "Double Decker Rag"
Original Tuxedo Jazz Band - "Didn't He Ramble"
Leeman Prejean - "Cankton Two-Step"

Queen Ida & Her Zydeco Band - "Willie On The Washboard"
Rebirth Brass Band - "My Song"
Shirley & Lee - "Well-A Well-A"
Rockin' Tabby Thomas - "Mr. Buzzard"
Uniques - "Treat Her Right"

Ellis Vanicor & The Lacassine Playboys - "Don't Bury Me"
Lucinda Williams - "Stowaway In Your Heart"
Zydeco Joe - "Allon Zydeco"

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